Games Software and Mobile Applications

Our focus being educational applications; it must also be said that games are one of the best ways to convey information and to modify behavioral learning patterns.  In games one will find the opportunity to discover pattern recognition, the application of logic towards achievement of goal and several other important learning behaviors.  While our resource guide is limited, our readers opportunity for availability is made limitless by a simple google search for educational game apps.

Other sites of interest to our readers are broken down by the category/type of game that is available at each of the sites in our resource guide.

Casino Gaming – important in applying mathematics, logic and probability.  We are certainly not experts in this arena of gaming but we have found a guru of sorts in this field.  Robert M. Handel of is a mathematician that shares his love of both mathematics and gaming.

Puzzles – this is an excellent audio resource provided by Philip B. Tan and Jason Begy of MIT – audio lecture on puzzles .  It is part of a 33 part lecture series which provides instruction about analysis and the design of games which are not digital.  However, this information can still be applied to general game design and has merit in the application towards digital games.

Additional App Gaming- This site provides an extensive listing of game apps and reviews each to give the reader enough information about the game to make an informed decision for purchase or download.

All things gaming– Gamasutra is one of the oldest gaming sites that connects developers with the purpose of collaborative design for both free games and not for profit games.