Social Justice Apps

Today, it is more important than ever to utilize any and all forms of social justice in order for citizens to remain safe and immediately notify law enforcement when something seems like it is not quite right. Fortunately, many app developers have also sensed this need and they have developed a series of apps for both the iPhone and the Android Operating System that allow normal, everyday citizens to stay in touch with law enforcement communities. In addition, there are several news apps that citizens can put on their phones in order to stay abreast of everything that is going on, both locally and nationally.

One of the most common types of apps that people use to keep up with information involves local news agencies. Every major city has some type of app that they have developed so that people can get updates about news stories, receive breaking news and even get a live stream of the news report itself. This helps people stay updated on important things that are going on in and around the community, as well as helping people understand potentially dangerous weather situations. For example, the Oklahoma City area has local news apps for all three major channels, channels four, five and nine. All that is necessary for someone to download them is to search using relevant information, such as searching for an app for a particular channel in the desired city. They are then directed to the process that is required to download the app itself.

In much the same way that local news helps people figure out what is going on around them, apps that are designed to provide national news help people understand what is going on throughout the country and even all around the world. Some of the most popular apps include those for NBC News, ABC News and CBS News. There are also apps that help people stay abreast of developing news throughout their state in some locations. One prominent example is, an app that helps residents of New Jersey know what is going on throughout the state, thanks in part to the comprehensive information that is available on the app. Of course, other apps such as CNN and MSN are also available that can provide national information.

As far as law enforcement is concerned, citizens can find out more about the things going on in their area by downloading a police scanner app onto their smartphone or tablet. Scanner Radio is one of the premier apps available and it has been in operation for several years. The great thing about it is that it allows users to find a particular location, department or municipality and then program that information into the scanner so that they can listen to it at will. They can also search in order to find the municipalities that are closest to them in order to stay updated on information that is relevant to them at the time.

Another important app is called iSpotACrime. This is a very interesting app that allows citizens to record information when they see a crime being committed that is then transmitted directly to the local police department. It allows them to get this information to police quickly and efficiently without it being obvious. It also has a feature that allows people to hit a panic button that is transmitted directly to the local 911 system if they find themselves in trouble. Unfortunately, this particular app is only available for the iPhone at the time, but as is the case with almost every other popular app, it should be available for Android users soon enough. One thing is certain, people can take advantage of all of these apps in order to become more connected to their communities and to the law enforcement officers that work to keep them safe.